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Do you know how much time real estate agents and the top real estate agents have in one day? The Same, 24 hours! Then why do the top real estate agents bring in more sales? Simple, they use their time more efficiently. Beyond Routine Planners has the solution you need. We’ve created and designed an all-encompassing, goal guided and production oriented Daily Real Estate Planner that will maximize your productivity.

Many thoughts and hours of hard work went into designing this planner specifically for you, the Real Estate professional!

After years of working with real estate companies, helping them brand their businesses, manage their transactions, establish marketing plans, and implementing listings, we noticed the need for agents to have a well-balanced planner with their career and schedule in mind.

Planner Highlights:

  • Goal Setting Package (Dream, 10 Yr, 5 Yr, 1 Yr)
  • Personal Improvement Task List
  • Financial Goal Calculator
  • Production Calculator
  • Production Goal Planning
  • Professional Partner Tracker
  • Monthly Overview
  • Weekly Overview
  • Month End Review & Strategy Sheet
  • Monthly Expense Tracker
  • Advertisement & Performance Tracker
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Must Do Today Section
  • Tasks Section
  • Water Section
  • Fitness Section

In short, these daily planners offer everything a real estate agent can need to maximize workflow and increase productivity as well as making it easier to stay organized. The planners have a hard cover with gold foil tips and come in a high-quality gift box.

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