What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant?
Cost-effective / Enhanced return on investment

Unlike temporary staff and employees, hiring Virtual Assistants does not incur traditional human resource expenses such as insurance, taxes, and vacation or sick leave. What’s more, Virtual Assistants function independently, without the business owner having to provide an office, equipment, or relevant training. As for remuneration, Virtual Assistants are paid only in respect of the number of hours or projects for which the business owner requires their services.
If you only need 15 hours of assistance a month, that is exactly what you pay for. In essence, you are removing the wasted costs of paying for idle time, which translates into 100 percent productivity!

Shared interest

A Virtual Assistant’s company has to be reputable and efficient in order to generate new business. Virtual Assistant’s therefore having a vested in your success, as it leads to success for them.

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