50 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help You TODAY!

General Administration

1. Word Processing – typing, formatting and design of reports, proposals, tenders, assignments, thesis, articles, job memos and tables.

2. Schedule Management – confirm existing calendar appointments ahead of schedule via SMS, email or phone.

3. Baby-sit Your Business – manage your emails, phone calls, mail and scheduling when unexpected situations dictate that you must be away from your business for a short time, or you want a just want a short break.

4. Data Collection – collect, collate and summarize data obtained from reports and surveys conducted.

5. PDF Conversion – convert word, excel, publisher and various other documents to PDF.

6. Virtual Business Partner – Do you have a brilliant business idea but are too bogged down with current commitments to get things started? Call your VA to get the ball rolling.

7. Templates – design and standardize your business stationary so you don’t have to recreate
it each time you need to prepare a document.

8. Proof Reading – we can cast a second set of eyes over your typed documents prior to sending or publishing; picking up on grammatical, contextual and spelling errors.

9. Email Management – we can screen your emails, answer the most common information requests and forward you any requiring further action.

10. Desktop Publishing – documents, templates, brochures, certificates, cards, invitations, signs, flyers, menus, form creation.

11. Regular Reports – allow us to collect, collate and format your teams regular reports and return them ready for review and presentation. No more confusion with missing or lost documents and files.

12. Excel Spreadsheets – design, format and maintain your spreadsheets; we’ll create high quality presentation documents with graphs and charts.

13. PowerPoint Presentations – create sensational presentations for your next reunion, seminar, board meeting, sales meeting, network meeting, wedding, anniversary, birthday or engagement.

14. Arrange Printing – of your business cards, stationary, signage, marketing material, invitations or menus.

15. Testimonials – we’ll contact your happy clients get glowing reviews that will help promote your business.

16. Welcome Packets – put together welcome packets and thank you packets for your business
that will set apart from competition.

17. Remote Access – access your computer no matter where you are in the world to finish off tasks or provide remote training.

18. Topic Research – provide a list of hot article topics for your blogs and eNewsletters by researching online articles and forums related to your industry.

19. Internet Research – if you need research on competitors, products, services, a new phone plan or computer we can do all the leg work and send you back a detailed report of our findings.

20. Computer Support – our VA’s can walk you through any computer problems you are having and help you with software and computer training via Skype, phone or email.

21. File back-up – let us back up all your files or computer/s and keep a copy safe on your preferred cloud based server (Dropbox, GoogleDocs).

22. Late Payment Follow Ups – we are not a collection agency but we assist by contacting your debtors on your behalf. It’s amazing how a simple call from someone other than you can often trigger payment and keep the relationship intact.

23. To-do List – we’ll take care of all those little things you need to get through each day like restaurant bookings, gift buying, organizing meetings, follow up on outstanding orders.

24. Typing and Transcription – lectures, medico/legal recordings, building reports, business meetings, teleconferences and interviews.

25. Bill Paying – you can count on our confidentiality and discretion to perform regular online bill payments on your behalf. Simply have your invoices sent to our PO Box and we’ll make sure you’re never late for a payment again. You’ll also get a payment report summary for your records.

26. Point of Contact – whether you’re heading out of town for a couple of days or a couple of months, we can be your point of contact, taking all your calls, screening emails, and scheduling teleconferences.

27. Mail Center – re-direct your mail to our PO Box and we’ll screen, process and sort it for you. We’ll notify you of important documents requiring action then scan and email them to you.

Virtual Personal Assistance

28. Travel & Accommodation – research and book airfares, car hire and accommodation for your next business or personal getaway.

29. Sending Flowers – to friends and loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries and the arrival of new family members.

30. Send Out Cards – birthday, Easter, Christmas, anniversary cards to friends, family and clients letting them know how important they are to you and your business.

31. Gift Buying – if you’re running short on time to purchase those employee/client appreciation gifts or certificates, just give us a couple of ideas and we’ll do the rest.

32. Mail Merge – our VA’s will perform a mail merge, send invitations to your nominated database and track attendees on a spreadsheet or via your CRM.

33. RSVP Contact – be a point of contact on an email address or phone line for RSVP’s, sending you weekly and final attendance reports.

Virtual Reception

34. Phone Answering – take those important calls and screen unwanted ones when you’re too busy to attend to them yourself.

35. Appointment Scheduling – manage your online calendar and take care of your online bookings and appointment scheduling.

36. Holiday Reception – manage your calls while you take a holiday, emailing all messages to you and transferring important ones.

37. Receive Faxes – on your behalf and forward them via email.

38. SMS Messages – send your urgent messages via SMS if you’re away from your computer or have no internet connection.

Database Management

39. Import Lists – to MailChimp, Constant Contact or your CRM so you can send out email newsletters and marketing campaigns.

40. Mail Merge – send hundreds of letters, invitations or newsletters to your database including supply and print of labels and envelopes, plus posting. Postage included upon request.

41. Data Entry – enter details from that collection of business cards into your database or CRM.

42. Follow up Letters – send letters/emails to those contacts you’ve recently met at a seminars and networking events.

43. Data Clean Up – confirm details of those on your list, collect additional primary information like email address, phone number and postal address, furnishing you with a complete database.

Email Marketing

44. Email Newsletter – design, write and send your email newsletter via mail merge or using a 3rd party application like MailChimp, Constant Contact or your companies CRM.

45. MailChimp & Constant Contact – setup accounts and newsletter templates in preparation for future email marketing campaigns.

46. Ongoing Support – weekly, monthly or quarterly support to produce and distribute your eNewsletter.

47. Email Newsletters – source articles collate, type, and format your regular e- Newsletter or proof your copy for errors before you send it out.

Online Marketing

48. Campaign Management – manage subscribers, campaign distribution and reporting.

49. Social Media – setup, training and management of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or G+ accounts.

50. Customized Design Cover – design a Facebook Timeline Cover and a Twitter background to maintain consistency in your online branding.

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